Based in the heart of the South Shropshire Hills, near Shrewsbury, is where our story began!

How we started...

Farmers' son, Ed started making Cheese Nibbles to fill the quieter times with his catering company - Oak Apple Catering and this business has expanded from there.
From making a small number and selling to local farm shops to now, expanding rapidly with lots more pots and supplying farm shops, delis and garden centres up and down the Country! 


Our cheese nibbles...

  • Cheddar & Sundried Tomato Nibbles The return of our 50g snack packs!
    Indulgent nibbles with Britain’s favourite Cheese – Cheddar along with delicious Sun dried tomatoes to give that mouth-watering sensation! Perfect for a snack on a trip out!
  • Emmental Amulets Flavoursome Emmental Amulets served perfectly with a dip of your choice!
  • Parmesan & Chilli Sablés The Chilli adds a slight kick to the nibbles making them ridiculously moreish!
  • Pistachio & Parmesan Sablés Tasty Parmesan with a subtle crunch of the Pistachios!
  • Red Leicester and Chive Nibbles The return of our 50g Snack Pack range!
    A well-known scrumptious British Cheese, Red Leicester is just what Shropshire Cheese Nibbles requires in their range. The addition of Chives adds excitement to the Nibbles! This colourful Nibble provides you with an attractive nibble, and a filling treat!
  • Stilton & Almond Sablés - Tasty Stilton with Almonds that add a bite to this moreish nibble!

Meet the team...

Edward Potter


Owner and founder of Cheese Nibbles, Ed also runs a catering business! After studying Politics at University he is also a Councillor for Shropshire Council.
His favourite Cheese Nibble is the Parmesan and Chilli one as it's versatile and flavoursome!

Rachel Frank

Sales & Marketing

Rachel has been working with Cheese Nibbles from the very beginning, she started off making them in the kitchen, and now focuses on selling them. She loves being at home, helping out on her family farm, and enjoys entertaining friends and family, of course serving up a Cheese Nibble or two! Her favourite flavour is Pistachio & Parmesan, with a glass of white wine-perfection!

What our customers say...

'Lovely range of flavours - very moreish!'

Kathy, Shrewsbury

"It's amazing how much flavour you've managed to pack into these"

Great Taste Award Judge

Excellent - so moreish! The best cheese biscuits I've ever had!

Sue, Gloucester